The TCEM bagging machine is designed and programmed for open-mouth sacks of 5 kg to 50 kg with productions of up to 6 sacks/minute.

They use a system of electronic weighing governed by a PCL with a 320 x 240 pixels touch screen of 5.7” and LED lighting that guarantees precision and speed in the weighing.

The touch screen offers the user very comfortable and intuitive interaction with the machine. It is scheduled to indicate the different alarm systems (minimum level, activated emergency stop, motor failure, etc.) so that the state of the bagging machine is known at every moment.

The system allows programming of different modes of weighting, counting and showing the number of weighings in real time, continuous monitoring of the weight and control of each one of the actors individually are among the many options.

The semiautomatic TCEM bagging machines are offered in two different versions, in function of the application for which it is wanted.

Double threaded bagging machine:
System of double thread feeding in the loading area and multiple step in the unloading area that guarantees maximum precision of the weighted sample thanks to the performance of a variable frequency drive.
Applications: Products of difficult manipulation, like additives, fertilizers, starches, flours, minerals, etc.

Bagging machine with tilting measuring stick:
Dosage system by way of fall of gravity with measuring stick activated pneumatically starting from a double cylinder that guarantees quick and precise weighing.
Applications: granulated and regular flow products, like seeds, cereals, plastic materials, etc.